About Us


Klé reflects that rebellious spirit, the one that allows you to operate outside the restricting framework of modern life; to create your own identity, to negotiate the path of life within your own freedom. This philosophy is illustrated by our brand identity – the strong yet simple imagery of a skull surrounded by feathers symbolizes boldness and defiance, as well as the ambition not to obey to the confines of the contemporary fashion landscape. The emblem also pays tribute to Japanese symbolism by its visual representation.

The name Klé is derived from the French word, “clé” from our native city of Montreal, which means key. Just as denim has been a fashion staple through the decades, we believe that your Klé jeans will become a key element of your day-to-day wardrobe.

Our company prides itself in producing high quality clothing and accessories using premium materials. Klé also values attention to detail and refined craftsmanship. We manufacture our goods in downtown Los Angeles not because of trends or marketability but because we find it important and essential to express the essence in refined craftsmanship. This also allows ourselves to ensure that our products meet the required quality that we have set.

Klé products are meticulously designed and demonstrate an intense attention to detail. The three-stitch pattern on the back pockets is symbolic of a complete life cycle: past, present, and future. The pockets are formed by sewing two pieces of cloth into a triangular shape, which fades over time. The outlined definition represents Japan’s most impressive mountain, Mount Fuji, and pays homage to where our denim yields.

The more you wear your Klé jeans, the more personalized and unique they become. Your denim will adopt a personality of its own and become a physical materialization of the time that’s passed. The journey of your life becomes an imprint, and it develops as you continue on this adventure. The characteristic appearance of your jeans is a direct reflection of your lifestyle, and acts as a second skin.

We aspire to design and create products that reflect timeless style, durability, and functionality. Nothing pleases us more than to see our clothing break in and age beautifully with you. This transformation speaks to our motto:

Live it. Embrace it. And others will discover it.